Luxury Housing

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Octagon Developments is a specialist developer of prestigious detached properties in prime town and country locations in the Home Counties.
There are two types of floor construction for these properties: concrete plank or block and beam with insulation and screed, or timber joists and 22mm floorboards.

The required flow rate for the wetrooms must be between 24 litres per minute and 40 litres per minute. All wetrooms are required to have large format tiles or marble slabs.
installation3For concrete plank or block and beam. The CCL Wetrooms Linear Screed Drain was used; however, depending on the flow rate required, the drain was installed with either one or two waste and traps. To ensure a fully waterproofed wet area, RIW Tilesafe Membrane was installed to the entire floor area, finishing 75mm up the wall/floor junction. FW was applied to full height on the shower walls linking to the Tilesafe membrane. For timber joists The CCL Wetrooms Linear Wet-Dec was used for this type of floor construction. The Wet-Dec’s are available in a range of sizes and are trimmed to fit the required shower area. An 18mm plywood floor was constructed at joist level with waste and traps installed within the joist space.
Up to three of these waste and traps were installed depending on the flow rate required. The Wet-Dec, with its pre-built drainage slopes, then replaced the floorboards in the shower area.
Once the Wet-Dec was installed, the area was fully waterproofed with RIW Tilesafe Membrane and FWM to the full height of the walls.