Here at CCL Wetrooms, our wet room drains for concrete floors have been specifically designed with contemporary construction methods in mind. Using unique design features, we have manufactured highly advanced drainage systems that are not only stylish but highly functional. Take a look at our premium quality wet room floor drains for solid floors below:

Linear Screed Drain with Waterless Trap

The Linear Screed Drain is our shallowest drain and features the market-leading Lo-Seal Waterless Trap at a depth of only 55mm. It is suitable for use on solid concrete or block and beam floors.
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Linear Screed Line with Waterseal Trap

The Linear Screed Line incorporates our 50mm Waterseal Trap (TR-50) and has been designed for use on concrete or screeded floors, concrete slabs, planks and block and beam floors.
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Linear Screed-Dec & HBL-50

The Linear Screed-Dec is a pre-formed tapered board with a built-in one-way gradient, which removes the uncertainty of screeding a fall within the shower area by hand.
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