Lightweight Tile Backer Board for Walls & Floors

XtraBacker tile backer board is ideal for wall tiling as it offers a dimensionally stable wall background which is both strong and moisture resistant, preventing moisture absorption and mould growth 

Ideal as an alternative to using plywood or plasterboard in a wetroom or bathroom, tile backer board like Xtrabacker is an improved water-tight solution. Unlike plywood, Xtrabacker does not deteriorate if it absorbs moisture. Instead, it creates a water-resistant foundation upon which to lay your tiles and natural stone.  

Being extremely versatile, Xtrabacker tile backer board can be used on walls and floors and can be used as insulation in combination with underfloor heating. 

BS 5385 Part 1:2008 states that tiling directly to plywood is no longer recommended for wall tiling’

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XtraBacker Board Features

  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Water Resistant
  • Thermal Protection
  • Wall and Floor Solutions
  • BS 5385 Part 1:2018
  • Fire Resistant Class E (EN 13501-1)
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Trimmable