commercial wetrooms

Commercial wetrooms are bathroom and shower spaces designed for use in commercial settings such as hotels, gyms, spas, healthcare centres, and public facilities. Unlike traditional bathrooms, they are mostly open plan so they can accommodate multiple users at one time.

From accessibility to design flexibility, there are many benefits to commercial wetrooms.  They typically contain anti-slip surfaces, effective drainage, and secure waterproofing, perfect for a safe and stylish wetroom.

Every stage of the process, from conception to completion, must be meticulously planned. Therefore, you’ll need a reliable supplier providing premium quality products and industry-leading drainage solutions that are expertly tailored to meet your project needs and exact specifications.

What We Do

At CCL Wetrooms, we believe that creating the ultimate commercial wetroom requires more than just designing the right product or offering the best service.

As leading wetroom specialists, our team of dedicated experts are committed to providing our customers with a bespoke wetroom solution that includes every stage of the build. Our 10-year installation guarantees also provide developers with the essential peace of mind that our commercial wetrooms and waterproof membranes are 100% watertight.

In partnership with our sister company, Wetrooms UK, we manufacture, design, and install complete wetroom systems in commercial and residential properties across the housing, hotel, and leisure industries.

Commercial Wetroom Waterproofing

Waterproofing membranes offer robust protection for commercial wetrooms from water damage. The membrane provides a durable and effective barrier between the structure and water, thus extending the life and integrity of any frequently-used commercial wetroom.

Our wetroom waterproofing membranes vary in design and product features to suit any commercial wetroom. Whether your wetroom is installed on timber or solid floors, our wetroom waterproofing membranes are tailored to meet these specific requirements and are available in five different designs – Tilesure, Screedsure, and FWM (Flexible Wall Membrane), RIW Tilesafe, and RIW Screedsafe.



Screedsure kit 10m2

FWM (Flexible Wall Membrane)

RIW Tilesafe

RIW Screedsafe


Commercial Wetroom Drains

Most commercial wetrooms are likely to be heavily used and will require an effective and durable drain system for maximum performance and longevity.

That’s why, at CCL Wetrooms, our selection of wetroom drains is designed to last. Our linear screed drains, linear screed line drains, or the Solo4 – an innovative, functional four-way fall drain – are specifically designed with commercial wetrooms in mind.

Our wetroom drains and shower bases suit any specification and floor type, including solid floors and timber floors. Not only that but they’re also guaranteed to deliver maximum performance and longevity, giving you trouble-free service for many years to come.

Linear screen drain

Linear screen line

Solo4 drain

Commercial Wetroom Floor Formers

Our wetroom floor formers
are used to create level access wetrooms, avoid potential trips caused by raised floors, and are an essential part of any commercial wetroom installation .

All commercial wetrooms require a secure waterproof surface. Once installed, our wetroom floor formers allow for tanking, flooring, and the completion of a wetroom floor.

Our wetroom floor formers are pre-formed and are easily installed and sealed so they can support any commercial wetroom. We offer three varieties of floor formers – Wet-Dec, Linear Wet-Dec, and Modular Wet-Floor – all of which smoothly blend into any wetroom design.


Linear Wet-Dec

Modular Wet-Dec

Commercial Wetroom Design Services

We provide a complete commercial wetroom design service tailored to your individual specifications here at CCL. Our sister company, Wetrooms UK, will take control of the entire design process from research and development to project management, providing expert professional support every step of the way.

Our work encompasses every stage of the project including planning, design, wetroom manufacture, and on-site support from our team of fully qualified professionals. When customers require a one-stop shop for their commercial wetroom projects, they put their trust in CCL Wetrooms and Wetrooms UK.

Why Do You Need a Commercial Wetroom?

Any building or public facility that has multiple users is likely to need a commercial wetroom. It provides a waterproof, functional space for everyday bathroom traffic and often includes showering units and an open-plan layout for a stylish feel.

Unlike traditional bathrooms with separate shower units, commercial wetrooms often follow an open concept where the shower area leads into the rest of the bathroom, creating a spacious setting that is simple to clean and maintain.

One of the main features of commercial wetrooms is their efficient drainage systems that can take high volumes wastewater away quickly and effectively. This ensures the shower area remains safe, hygienic, and free from pooling so that slips and falls are avoided, and users can shower in confidence.

Our wetroom solutions include planning, design, supply, and installation. Working with architects, site trades, and design teams, we have a wealth of expertise and knowledge we use to create wetrooms that perfectly meet your expectations. That’s why customers come to us for their bespoke commercial wetroom products and services.

Sectors We Work With

We manufacture and supply commercial wetrooms to highly prestigious clients in the hotel, gym, spa, and leisure industries – as well as number of domestic housing developers.

This experience means we are leading the way in creating modern, distinctive, stylish, and practical commercial wetrooms that are supported by our unique 10-year installation guarantee.

Commercial Wetrooms for Gyms

Our commercial wetroom services include the full design, waterproofing, and installation of shower blocks and wetrooms for gyms.

The award-winning Pure Gym in Southampton asked us to manufacture and install level-entry drainage and waterproofing systems in the male and female lower cubicles of their new gym development.

Full waterproofing was provided along with an appropriate drainage system that could cope with high flow rates of 24 litres per minute.

Click here for the full Pue Gym commercial wetroom case study.

Wetrooms for Hotels

We were approached by The Hilton Hotel in Park Lane and asked to install level access wetrooms into the hotel’s 75 guest bathrooms. Our challenge was to provide appropriate drainage systems to perfectly fit the very shallow concrete floor in each wetroom.

The solution came from our sister company, Wetrooms UK, who recommended the installation of a linear screed drain with an adapted height-adjustable fixing bracket.

Our linear screed drains are specifically designed for concrete or screed floors and include our unique Lo-Seal waterless trap technology.

Click here for the full Park Lane Hilton commercial wetroom case study.

Wetrooms for Student Halls

A large-scale halls of residence in Manchester sought a comprehensive waterproofing solution for their student bathtooms. All 364 bathroom pods at Sir Charles Grove Halls leaked and the vinyl floor was in poor condition. The client required the floor area to run into the drain to avoid major pooling in addition to easy access to the waste and trap.

The installation of linear screed drains by Wetrooms UK incorporating a unique waterless trap provided the solution, while the installation of a robust and reliable Tilesafe waterproof membrane prevented any further water penetration.

Click here to read the Sir Charles Groves Hall commercial wetroom case study in full.


Commercial Wetroom Case Studies

You can explore more examples of our commercial wetroom and waterproofing projects by visiting our wetroom gallery.

We have carried out a vast range of wetroom designs and installation work in some of the most exclusive properties and hotels in London. Check out our London Wetroom Design and Installation section for more information.

You can also head straight to the case studies page.


Why Choose CCL Wetrooms?

All our commercial wetrooms are designed with simplicity, versatility, and you, the customer in mind. We provide an in-depth bespoke service to ensure every detail of your wetroom tanking and waterproofing solution is perfect for your project. The addition of our 10-year installation guarantee (from our sister company Wetrooms UK) is our way of saying we have complete confidence in our work and that your luxury wetroom will continue look and function beautifully for many years to come.

Our comprehensive commercial wetroom solution includes the initial planning and design stage, right through to supply and installation. Working with architects, site trades, and design teams, we have a wealth of expertise and knowledge that we use to create luxury commercial wetrooms that are efficient, practical, and perfectly meet your expectations.

Our experienced team will supply and fit the appropriate waterproofing systems and materials that will deliver unparalleled performance for your commercial wetroom.


Do You Require a Commercial Wetroom, Drainage, and Waterproofing Solution?

If you’re looking for a commercial wetroom partner, CCL Wetrooms, will design, supply and install bespoke wetrooms to suit your specific requirements.  Contact us today.