“The CPD session from CCL was informative and comprehensive. We often struggle with achieving level access to showers, as shallow floor build-ups can create difficulties with accommodating shower gullies, but the session provided us with plenty of useful guidance for addressing this, and for designing wetrooms in general. Following the session, Howard and Jim kindly took the time to answer lots of project specific questions.”


Rebecca Campbell, PDP London


“The CPD was excellent and we thought it was very beneficial to the team, would 100% recommend!”


Graham Cleary, M-E Engineers


“We were very impressed with Steve’s presentation of the CCL Wetrooms range and the technical aspects of the product, it was very useful to see the various detailed solutions. A few members of the team had previously dealt with CCL products but the new members found it very beneficial and we hope to put this practical knowledge to use on our projects.”


Ann-Marie Huggins, Studio Manager, Victoria Holland Architecture


“Steve Lee delivered a clear, concise and technically relevant CPD on wet rooms covering the range of CCL products and other general industry development and standards. The sample products illustrating the flexibility and adaptability of products to suit on site conditions was a very useful part of the CPD, as were the thorough and comprehensive answers to our queries.”


Norman Morrison, Architect, Donald Insall Associates


“This CPD session was very well received from Iain Exley Architects, the presentation was clear and concise and the products available are smart, adaptable, with a thoughtful design. We will certainly be keeping in touch with CCL Wetrooms!”


Karen Trimmings, Practise Manager, Iain Exley Architect


“The CPD was excellent and we all thought it was very beneficial”


Nigel Marland, Director, WM Design and Architecture Ltd



“Hub Architects have recommended the installation of the CCL system on many residential projects. The CCL products are excellent, the unique traps enable the slimmest build up ensuring that a level floor access can be achieved in most situations. The CCL one-stop shop approach to offering a full wet-room service ensures that specifying their products can be done with confidence.”


Kate Spence, Director and Designer, HUB Architects


“The CPD provided by CCL was excellent, covering both the theory of wetroom design and practical, detailed solutions. As such, our team feel much more confident in detailing wetrooms.”


Greg Cunningham, Rigby Architects


“The recent CPD presentation by Jim Newitt of CCL Wetrooms was an excellent overview of both the design and specification of a successful wetroom installation. The technical presentation was clear and thorough including waterproofing, drainage and floor build up. Design considerations and how to meet the Lifetime Homes Standard was also well covered. Our team of architects also commented on the quality of the presentation itself and how well Jim understood and explained the practicalities of wetroom installation. It stood out as not only comprehensive but also a thoroughly enjoyable CPD. We will definitely be in touch when a suitable project arises.”


Rosie Muir, Practice Manager, 4D Studio


4D Studio Architects

“We found the presentation from CCL Wetrooms to be informative and visually interesting. The level of technical detail was well balanced with back-up images and group discussion, while digital images of finished exemplar projects allowed for a fuller understanding of how the various drainage systems worked. Furthermore, we found the full sized samples added to the experience and allowed the team to see first hand what the key components of the drainage system were. It stuck in the mind, was impressive and quite inspiring in terms of potential modern bathroom design for future projects. The speakers themselves were helpful, friendly and more than willing to provide any extra information if needed. All in all, a very positive and worthwhile CPD presentation.”


James Cubitt and Partners London


“We all thoroughly enjoyed the CPD, Jim was enthusiastic and knowledgable!”


Mike Partridge, Senior Architect, BUJ Architects


“Everyone at Barnes Design were very impressed with Howards’ Wetroom CPD. He explained everything thoroughly and in an entertaining manner. This CPD has helped us greatly in understanding the workings of Wetrooms in general and the advantages that CCL bring to the table.”


Barnes Design

“We recently received the Wetroom Design and Specification CPD from CCL and this was very well received by all attendees. It was thorough, informative and yet concise and remained interesting and relevant throughout – we would recommend this CPD to any company in the industry”

Phill Preston, Architectural Technician 


BBH Architects

“Jim Newitt visited our office earlier today and presented a very interesting seminar on wet rooms which all staff very much enjoyed and for which we thank you”

Thomas Earl, Architectus

architectus logo small (2)

“Despite having previously specified CCL Wet rooms and produced detailed construction drawings incorporating CCL products and references, the seminar proved very useful, clarifying best practices, alternative solutions, construction techniques and product partnering to achieve the most comprehensive detail resolutions. Being able to see the exact samples of products and relate to the numerous options available to the designer, developer and installer, it was very useful to have first-hand experience, coupled with photos of previous examples of installed solutions.


Overall, the seminar was very informative at all levels of knowledge and experience, with Jim Newitt explaining all aspects of the products and processes with great clarity.”  

Malcolm Randell, Director, Trinity Architecture

Trinity Logo 2014 bordered


“Jim Newitt’s CPD was well presented and informative on wet room waterproofing. We were particularly impressed with the slim and waterless traps.

Hsi-yun  Sung Thomas, Architect, Benoy ArchitectsBenoy Architects Logo

“The CPD was very informative and well structured, the presenter was knowledgeable and had many actual construction components with him to aid the presentation. Definitely highly recommended for the practices!”  

Lesia Syrotiuk, DK. Architects

DK. architects

“We found Howard’s Wet Room Design and Specification CPD seminar informative, useful and well-presented.”  

Suzanne Davenport, Studio Partington

Studio Partington Logo

“Thank you for attending our offices and giving us an interesting talk on the latest ways to create smart modern bathrooms with clean simple drainage solutions. ”  

Jordan Hoffman, Architect, DPA Architects

dpa architects testimonial

“Wetrooms’ CPD was very helpful for having a comprehensive understanding of systems’ information and also samples shown during the presentation provided a clear perception of details. ”  

Mirko Farnetani, Architect & Carbon Consultant, Sturgis Carbon Profiling

sturgis carbon profiling

“Jim Newitt presented an interesting lunchtime CPD session to our staff.  He was relaxed, knowledgeable and happy to adapt his presentation to both our company interests and also individual questions from those attending.  Products were displayed and explained clearly and the CPD aim was definitely met:  better staff knowledge regarding specifying and installing wet room products.  Thank you for your time and for providing lunch.”  

Mark, OSP Architecture

OSP Architecture

“The rep was extremely knowledgeable – CCL will be my first ‘port of call’ for technical advice on wetrooms.”  

Kevin Whyte, Barefoot & Gilles


“The CPD was very comprehensive and enjoyable for the attendees. A subject that typically draws caution was explained fully with the aid of the construction components typically used in the process, and a thorough knowledge of the subject. I’d definitely recommend this CPD to others.’’  

Simon Groves, Associate, Adamson Associates (International) Ltd


“Jim held our interest, presented well, and was very knowledgeable about the wet room products and best practices. The whole presentation was excellent and informative.’’  

Jonathan Tucker, Director, Nett Assets


“I, along with several of my colleagues, was treated to a very informative and detailed presentation given by Mr Chris Cowper on behalf of CCL Wetrooms. It was presented with detailed on-screen information about CCL product ranges and specification guides that we could use in future projects. Overall, a very useful lunchtime CPD, highly recommend!’’  

Jacob Shortland, Building Surveyor, MHBC LLP

mhbc logo

“The CCL Wet room CPD is very useful if you want to design wet rooms yourself. It covers everything from the aesthetic to the technical aspect of the design. Chris is a fantastic speaker and you get to see the relevant products.’’  

Marie de Bryas, Stephen Taylor Architects

Stephen Taylor Architects Logo

“Thanks to Chris for a very interesting and informative presentation. Makes a change from the usual dry seminars’’  

Phil Easton, Conservation Architect (Director), Western Design Architects

Western Design Architects Logo