The Modular Wet-Floor system has been designed specifically for use on timber floors. It is a totally unique concept in wetroom technology, that can be used to create an almost infinite number of configurations using three core components.

Start by selecting the Drainage Component, then add the required number of Tapered Boards to create the desired shower area. Then simply choose the appropriate Wall or Floor Grill to suit your layout.

The system is versatile and cost effective, allowing a linear drain to be neatly positioned up against the wall, just off the wall or in the centre of the shower. The Drainage Component and Tapered boards can be easily trimmed on site, making the whole system quick and easy to install.

Modular Wet-Floor System Features

  • Unlimited choice of layouts
  • Shower area of any size
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Available with standard bottle trap or Lo-seal waterless trap
  • Centre, left and right handed trap position
  • 360° rotatable outlet
  • Flow rate up to 70 L/min
  • BBA approved
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Height Adjustable grill
  • Grill lengths up to 2000mm
  • Fast Track bespoke manufacturing service – delivered in 3-4 days


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