Our Vision

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of wetroom drainage systems, we can offer bathroom pod manufacturers a unique wetroom solution  to suit all types of shallow floor construction. Our range of drainage & waterproofing systems can be manufactured with bespoke brackets to suit the size, depth and floor construction of the bathroom pod, whilst providing a guaranteed watertight solution.

Key Features

With more than 30 years experience of manufacturing and supplying wetroom drainage solutions, we can offer bathroom pod manufacturers:-

  • A Complete Design and Specification Service
  • A tailored wetroom solution to meet the exact specifications of the bathroom pod
  • Project specific CAD drawings
  • Onsite training package

Our Wetroom Solutions for Bathroom Pods

As a manufacturer of a wide range of wetroom and waterproofing systems, CCL Wetrooms have drainage solutions for pods installed on Timber, Solid and Raised Access floors constructions.  Our products offer floor depth saving solutions and options for waste pipe positioning and include:

  • Shallow drainage for concrete, timber & raised access floors
  • A shallow 55mm BBA approved Lo-Seal Trap for wetrooms and shower trays
  • A Preformed shower base with built in gradient (22mm -11mm)
  • Linear and square grill options available positioned against the long or short shower wall
    • Up to 2000mm long
    • One way fall results in no unsightly tile cuts
  • Waterproofing solutions for floors and walls

Solutions for Timber Floors

For bathroom pods constructed onto timber floors, our systems include:

  • Waterless and standard trap options
  • A BBA approved trap
  • An 1mm depth drain body
  • Flow rates of up to 70 l/min
  • Pre-formed gradients
  • Grill lengths up to 2000mm
  • High levels of flexibility – unique system allows any size or shape of shower area to be configured

Solutions for Solid Floors

Our Linear Screed Drain is the ideal drainage solution for concrete or solid floors:-

  • Waterless and standard trap options available
  • BBA approved trap
  • Flow rates of up to 70 l/min
  • Height adjustable brackets
  • Bespoke bracket options
  • Grill lengths up to 2000mm
  • Minimum height with standard brackets – 55mm
  • Minimum height with extra shallow brackets – 38mm

Shower Tray Solutions

  • Lo-Seal Waterless trap only 55mm
  • Flow rates of up to 27 l/min
  • Sealed trap prevents odours
  • Suits different tray thicknesses
  • BBA approval pending

Waterproofing Solutions

  • Sheet waterproofing/de-coupling membranes for floors from only 1mm thick
  • Liquid wall membranes
  • Quick & easy to apply
  • Lifetime guarantee
Screedsure kit 5m2

Bespoke Wetroom Systems for Offsite Construction

Offsite Construction is fast becoming the option of choice for many large property developers, thanks to the time and labour savings that can be made. With traditionally constructed buildings subject to multi trades and the problematic scheduling required, moving the manufacture of different elements offsite is the ideal fast-track solution for manufacturing pods.

Pod technology allows a series of identical repeatable components to be mass produced offsite, before being transported to site for assembly, prior to installation by crane. Usually constructed of a steel frame with plywood or plasterboard walls, pods can be kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms and shower rooms. With the main contractor preparing the foundations and structural requirements of the project, the pod can be constructed simultaneously, reducing the need for multi trades onsite.