Screedsure is the new name for RIW Screedsafe.

Screedsure is a copolymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use onto screeded and other solid concrete floors.

Developed for use in bathrooms, wetrooms and similar wet areas, Screedsure is comprised of a 1mm butyl-based waterproofing membrane, with a fabric top layer providing an excellent surface for the adhesion of natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Screedsure is quick and easy to apply, providing a consistent waterproof layer that is guaranteed not to leak. It also provides an effective barrier to the transition of water vapour.

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Membrane Features

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Suitable for concrete, including gypsum based anhydrite screeds
  • Self-adhesive – quick and easy to apply
  • Ready to tile immediately
  • Ideal for fast track construction
  • Supplied as a complete kit
  • 1mm factory-controlled thickness
  • Suitable for use with electric and wet underfloor heating ‡1
  • Compatible with silicone sealants and stone sealers


Screedsure kit 10m2

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