Wetroom Tanking Systems

Here at CCL Wetrooms, our wetroom waterproofing membranes vary in design and product features, but they are all expertly manufactured to deliver value, ensuring highly effective waterproofing for wetrooms. Wetrooms can be installed on timber and solid floors, so our wetroom waterproofing membranes and systems are tailored to meet these requirements.

Take a look at our range of wetroom waterproofing membrane products below to ensure you are properly tanking your wetroom:


Tilesure is the new name for RIW Tilesafe. Tilesure is a heavy-duty self-adhesive waterproofing and decoupling membrane designed for use onto timber and solid floors.
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Screedsure is the new name for RIW Screedsafe. Screedsure is a copolymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane specifically designed for tanking screeded and other solid concrete floors.
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FWM (Flexible Wall Membrane)

FWM is a ready-to-use, pale blue, solvent-free, soft paste which bonds perfectly to adhesives used for fixing ceramic tiles and natural stone.
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RIW Tilesafe

Now replaced by Tilesure
Designed for use prior to the application of ceramic tiles and natural stone onto timber and solid floors in wetrooms and other critical areas.
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RIW Screedsafe

Now replaced by Tilesure
RIW Screedsafe is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane designed for use prior to the application of ceramic tiles and natural stone.
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Wetroom Membranes &Tanking FAQs

What is a wetroom tanking system?

A wetroom tanking system is an industry term for a waterproofing system used in wetrooms. Quality wetroom tanking is crucial to ensure a wetroom’s longevity.

How does wetroom tanking work?

We recommend that you clean your wet room drain once a month to remove any mess that may cause a blockage down the line, such as a build up of hair. You can clean your trap by removing the grating/cover and wiping the drain down to remove any residue or hair. Then you can wipe and clean your drain base and drain cover, being careful not to use anything that will scratch.

How do you build wet room drain?

Wetrooms require tanking to seal them watertight. To achieve this, a waterproof membrane, such as Tilesure or Screedsure should be used first across the flooring area that needs to be sealed. Then, for walls, a liquid membrane such as our Flexible Wall Membrane should be used for complete coverage. See our Wetroom Tanking Guide for more information.

When installing a wetroom, do I need to tank the entire room?

This all depends on the size of the room. If a room is larger and has areas that will not be in the splash zone, then no, you will not need to tank the entire room.
However, if you have a room that is likely to be splashed, you don’t have a fixed shower screen or you have smaller children or pets, then tanking the entire wetroom is a good idea to increase the longevity of your investment.

Need help finding the right wetroom waterproofing membrane for your next project?

With over three decades of wetroom design experience, our expert team at CCL Wetrooms will help you find the right wetroom waterproofing membrane for you. Contact us today