CCL Wetrooms have been working with M&E Consultants, Contractors, Architects and House Builders within the Construction Industry for over 30 years, so we understand the specification process and the importance of a fully guaranteed drainage solution that comes with certification.

Our Linear Screed Drain with unique 55mm Lo-Seal Trap is the ideal solution for constructing wetrooms on shallow concrete floors.

Solutions for M&E / Building Services Consultants

We work with M&E Consultants & Architects such as Hurley Palmer Flatt, Arup, Aecom and Hoare Lee to specify the most appropriate wetroom drainage systems into UK construction projects.
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Solutions for Building Services Contractors

We work with M&E Contractors such as Briggs and Forrester, Haydon Mechanical and the Axis Services Group to ensure that the most appropriate products are specified, enabling construction projects to be delivered on time.
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