Designed for use on concrete slabs, planks and block and beam floors to capture waterflow efficiently in wetroom applications, the Linear Screed Drain from CCL Wetrooms has been developed specifically for concrete or screeded floors.

The shower drain incorporates our unique Lo-Seal waterless trap technology which has been granted BBA approval and is supported with a lifetime guarantee.

A key feature of the Linear Wet Room Screed Drain is its shallow drainage channel, the total height from the base to the top of the trough being only 55mm, making it perfect for today’s modern construction methods.

Our linear wet room drains are available with one, two or three traps and a choice of stylish grill finishes, the perfect drain. for any application.

Why Use Our Wetroom Linear Screed Drain?

Offering the shallowest drainage solution on the market, our Linear Screed Drain is designed to offer you freedom to position the drain anywhere within the shower. Making use of our unique Lo-Seal trap, our shallow drainage can be coupled with a variety of grill lengths, heights, and finishes that complement all projects.

Benefit from our simple floor build-up option, along with a variety of waterproofing products, that complete the full wetroom solution. This includes our Lifetime Guarantee.

Linear Screed Shower Drain Features

The linear screed wetroom drain from CCL Wetrooms features:

  • Minimum height 55mm with Standard Brackets
  • Minimum height 38mm with Extra Shallow Brackets
  • BBA Approved
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Lo-Seal Waterless Trap
  • 360° Rotatable outlet
  • Centre, left and right-handed trap position
  • Flow rate up to 70 L/min
  • Height adjustable brackets
  • Height adjustable grill
  • Grill lengths up to 2000mm
  • Fast Track Bespoke service – manufactured & delivered in 3-4 days

Linear Screed Drain Applications

With its lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that our Linear Screed Drain is a quality drainage solution. With a shallow drainage channel, the total height, from the base to the top of the trough, is only 55mm, making this drainage product ideal for use in modern construction.

Our shallow drainage solution is adaptable to a series of projects and environments, offering the ultimate experience in drainage. Whether installed in a gym or the home, our linear screed drain is perfect for a wide range of applications.

The Linear Screed Drain works across many settings, including:

  • Homes
  • Care homes
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Leisure centres

Want to know more about our Linear Screed Drain?

Download our Linear Screed Drain Brochure or Watch our Installation Video

Linear Screed Drain with Single trap

RIBA Product SelectorBBA Approval for Linear Screed Drain


Linear Screed Wetroom Drain FAQs 

What is a Linear Drain?

A linear drain is a narrow and long drain designed to collect and drain water from a shower or wetroom floor. Sleek, compact and flexible, linear drains suit multiple applications and styles, and can be installed almost anywhere along your shower floor.

How Do Linear Shower Drains Work? 

As a specialist drainage solution, linear screed shower or wetroom drains work by enabling the waterflow to move through the drain and directly into the trough, which is a channel beneath the shower floor. From there, the water enters into the drainage system.  

What Size Linear Wetroom Drain Do Need? 

Your ideal linear drain dimensions will depend on not only the size of the shower, but also the location of the drain. This might change for every new setting. For a better understanding of your drain requirementsconsult an expert like CCL.   

How Do You Clean Linear Wetroom Drains?

To keep your linear wetroom drain clean, through regular maintenance, ensure that no extra build-up is keeping your drainage system blocked and unable to dispose of excess, or waste, water. Routinely clear away any debris and carefully inspect the drain for any trapped, or sealed, waste. Properly dispose of debris and flush your drain with hot water – avoiding any harmful chemicals, which could cause pipe damage.

Where Do You Install A Linear Drain?

Our linear screed drains can be installed next to a your wetroom’s short or long wall (using our wall grill) or positioned just off the wall (using our floor grill.


Want to Order Our Linear Screed Wetroom Drain?

Available in a variety of stylish grill finishes, get in touch for a no-obligation chat to order or learn more about our Linear Screed Drain for your project.