Linear Wall Drain

The Linear Wall Drain features the latest innovation in wet room wall drains. It is a development of our popular Linear Screed Drain and has been designed with the grill positioned flush against the wall, giving a sleek and unobtrusive finish. It is designed for concrete or screeded floors with the key feature being its height – the total height from the base to the top of the trough being only 67mm, making it perfect for today’s modern construction methods. The drain incorporates a unique waterless trap which has a lifetime guarantee. Here at CCL Wetrooms, it is available with one, two or three traps and a choice of stylish grill finishes.


Key Features

  • Overall height 67mm (min) including trap
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Variable waste position
  • Waterless trap
  • Flow rate up to 70 L/min
  • Adjustable grill height & width
  • Easy to clean and replace trap
  • Bespoke design available


  • Waterless Trap

    The waterless trap has been specially designed with a spring loaded mechanism which keeps the trap sealed when not in use. This ensures that even when left unused for prolonged periods, the trap cannot dry out, making it ideal for situations where the shower is not in everyday use. The smart design of the linear trough allows the waste position to be rotated through 360° enabling installation in most scenarios with ease.

    • 360° rotatable waste position
    • Easy to clean and replace trap
    • No requirement to top up the trap during long periods of non-use
    • No siphoning of the trap due to other appliances
    • No chance of smells or gases entering the room
    Linear Wall Drain Waterless Trap and swivel rotation

    Number of Traps

    A single trapped Linear Screed Drain has a flow rate of up to 29 L/min* with the support brackets on either side. When a higher flow rate is required a double trap version is available, allowing up 57 L/min*.The traps are positioned near each end of the trough with a single support bracket in the centre. For higher flow rates, a triple trapped drain is also available with support brackets at either end.
    * See flow chart for full details.
    Linear Wall Drain with one trapLinear Wall Drain with two trapsLinear Wall Drain with three traps
    Table showing flow rates per number of traps for linear wall drain systemsTable Key - Solid /Stone Infill Grill & Slotted/Square Holes

  • Grill Length / Height

    All Linear Screed and Wall Drains at CCL Wetrooms are manufactured with one trough size at 660mm and all lengths of grill are then fitted onto this trough. Bespoke grills can be manufactured for sizes that are in between or over the standard sizes. Please contact our technical team to discuss your requirements for your wet room wall drains:

    9 Wet Room Grill Lengths AvailableWet Room Linear Wall Drain Height Adjustment
    The Linear Wall Drain is available in nine standard sizes:

    • 600mm
    • 800mm
    • 900mm
    • 1000mm
    • 1100mm
    • 1200mm
    • 1300mm
    • 1400mm
    • 1500mm


    Grill Width: 86mm

    The grill is height adjustable in 1mm increments to suit tile thicknesses of 6mm to 20mm. Additional spacers are available upon request for tiles thicker than 20mm. The position of the grill in relation to the wall, is adjustable by up to 37mm to accommodate different wall tile thicknesses

    Grill Finish

    The grill is available in various different finishes. All are manufactured in 316 marine grade stainless steel, ensuring a stunning high quality finish. Type A Solid Grill is supplied as standard unless otherwise specified. The stunning Stone-Infill Grill enables porcelain, natural stone and ceramic floor tiles to be inserted into the stainless steel grill.

    Type A – Solid Grill: Grained stainless steel with a 3mm gap around the grill for a sleek stylish finish.
    Type B – Oblong Slots: Three rows of oblong slots in a grained stainless steel finish.
    Type C – Square Holes: Three rows of squares in a grained stainless steel finish.
    Type S – Stone-Infill: Allows a section of tile to be inserted to provide a sleek continuous look. Suitable for 10-12mm stone/porcelain tiles. Bespoke depths available for order.
    Wet Room Linear Wall Drain type - Solid GrillWet Room Linear Wall Drain type - Oblong SlotsWet Room Linear Wall Drain type - Square HolesWet Room Linear Wall Drain type - Stone-Infill

  • Product Details


    A Table of CCL Wetrooms Linear Wall Drain Products & Specifications: Including dec size & drain position


    Additional Waterproofing products - Tilesafe & Flexible Wall Membrane

  • How to Specify

    To specify your Linear Wall Drain, first select the required number of traps (depending on the required flow rate), followed by the grill length and finally the grill finish.

    Membrane It is essential that the floor is waterproofed or ‘tanked’ using one of the RIW membranes shown below. For solid floors we recommend the RIW Tilesafe/Screedsafe membrane is applied to the shower area plus an additional one metre in either direction. RIW FWM should then be applied to the walls of the shower area plus an additional 300mm and overlapped onto the RIW Tilesafe/Screedsafe Reinforcing Tape.

    Example: A single trap, 600mm Linear Wall Drain with solid grill is: LSW1-600/TypeA

    Example: A double trap, 800mm Linear Wall Drain with square holes is: LSW2-800/TypeC

    Example: A triple trap, 1200mm Linear Wall Drain with stone-infill grill is: LSW3-1200/Type S    

    In Detail Side View

    In-depth diagram of the components of a Linear Wall Drain

    Cross Section of a LInear Wall Drain in situ