Hotels with wetrooms have become a popular choice for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re providing accessibility for disabled guests or simply adding a touch of luxury, wetrooms provide a complete solution for the hotel industry.

Not only are wetrooms stylish, practical, and easy to clean, but they also offer a bathing sanctuary for all guests and can make a big impression on the overall hotel experience.

Below we discuss the top five benefits of installing wetrooms in hotels…

Benefits of Wetrooms for Hotels

From spacious designs to accessibility, wetrooms help your hotel make a statement.  Your hotel’s bathrooms are an extension of your brand, with the ability to either make or break your guest’s stay. It’s therefore vitally important to have bathrooms that are stylish, accessible, durable, and easy to clean.

Get it wrong and at best your guests will turn their noses up at the poor design and style of a wetroom. At worst, you could be forced to endure long periods of reduced occupancy while you fix leaks and repair water damage. However, with the correct installation and maintenance, a wetroom can make a positive and lasting impression on your hotel guests.

Discover the five key benefits of hotel wetrooms below…

1. Fully accessible

Weetroom in a Hotel

People with disabilities should be able to travel without restriction. However, finding hotels that support those with physical and mobility needs is not always easy.

Hotels with wetrooms, however, provide easy access to bathroom facilities and open a hotel to a wider demographic including families, the elderly, and disabled guests. By removing any elevated areas like steps and shower trays, wheelchair guests can make full and independent use of all bathroom facilities.

Hotels with accessible wetrooms also comply with the Equality Act 2010 which requires hotels to make “reasonable adjustments” for disabled visitors including improved access. Wetrooms provide open-plan showering and typically include fold-down shower seats, handrails, adjustable shower heads, and other helpful features where needed.

2. Maximises space

Weetroom in a Hotel

The open-plan design of a wetroom removes the sense of confinement guests may experience in a cramped bathroom with a traditional shower enclosure and promotes a feeling of luxury through space instead.

Wetrooms also provide more space than traditional bathrooms thanks to their design. They allow for larger vanity units and other bathroom features that would otherwise be left out, adding an extra sense of style to your guest’s stay. They are also a practical solution when space is restricted like under the eaves and sloped ceilings which can easily accommodate the shower area.

3. Durable and easy to clean

Weetroom in a Hotel

As hotel wetrooms are often open-plan by design, they are generally faster to clean than traditional bathrooms. The absence of bulky baths, shower trays, and even shower screens makes maintenance quick and easy, saving valuable time.

Additionally, wetrooms deliver high levels of durability as the entire bathing area will be tanked with an impermeable waterproof membrane. The wetroom floor will also be built on a gradient or fall, so the water flows into the wetroom drain. This method will greatly reduce the possibility of pooling which is one of the main causes of bathroom leaks, drips, and damage which are expensive to repair.

Hotel wetrooms that are installed by a professional team are also likely to come with a guarantee for the lifetime of the tiles or until the tiles are updated, providing further peace of mind. At CCL Wetrooms, all our wetroom installation work includes a unique 10-year guarantee.

4. Offers luxury

Weetroom in a Hotel

Create the ‘wow’ factor guests expect from a hotel stay by adding wetrooms. They provide a luxurious, spa-like environment with enhanced functionality to support every need.

Hotel wetrooms offer a stylish and indulgent open-plan bathing experience for all guests. The possibilities for creative and contemporary wetroom ideas are almost endless. From the tiles you choose to the flooring materials and bathroom appliances you select, you can tailor a wetroom to match the aesthetic of the hotel, providing a seamless transition from room to room. Alternatively, you could give each wetroom its own look so that it stands out in its own unique way.

Whether it’s the extra space, waterfall shower, or open-plan layout, hotel wetrooms represent the ultimate in bathing luxury.

5. Cost-effective

Woman having a shower

Hotel wetrooms are an intelligent investment for their luxurious aesthetics, durability, and accessibility. After all, guest satisfaction doesn’t happen by accident, requiring a grounding in practical, efficient, and attractive design.

There are several cost-effective advantages of hotel wetrooms over traditional bathrooms such as:

  • Simple construction: Wetrooms are simple by design with minimal fixtures and no requirements for bulky items like shower stalls or bathtubs, delivering reduced construction and installation costs.
  • Low maintenance: Hotel wetrooms are easier to clean and maintain than traditional bathrooms. The absence of shower enclosures means less glass or curtain cleaning, so the time spent by cleaning staff is shortened and labour costs are greatly reduced.
  • Longevity: Due to effective waterproofing, hotel wetrooms are less likely to suffer water damage and require repairs and renovations over time, thus saving money.

Hotel Wetrooms with CCL

When luxury hotels require a bespoke wetroom and waterproofing solution they contact us at CCL Wetrooms. We have a long and successful track record in providing expert design and installation of complete guest wetrooms for some of the UK’s largest hotel chains. You can learn more about our previous work in the hotel sector below:


The boutique hotel in London required the installation of wetrooms into their 97 guest ensuites including full waterproofing and drainage.

The Savoy

The iconic, five-star hotel needed a complete waterproofing solution for their 100 guest bathrooms, with a guarantee of no water penetration into the luxury suites below.

The Hilton

The luxury hotel in Park Lane requested level access wetrooms, new drainage, and full waterproofing in all of their 75 guest bathrooms.

Can we help with your hotel wetroom design and installation?

At CCL Wetrooms, we have 30 years of experience in the wetroom, bathroom, and waterproofing industry and work with prestigious clients in the hotel, spa, and leisure sectors. We tailor the specifications of your wetroom to your hotel requirements whilst minimising disruption to your business. Get in touch today.