Cleaning a wetroom is just like cleaning any bathroom, only much easier. Instead of scrubbing away at the lime scale in the bath, you have the freedom and flexibility to clean faster and more conveniently. Here are our top tips for keeping your wetroom looking clean and fresh.


Cleaning a Wetroom Floor

The signature feature of a wetroom is its floor. Provided your drainage is efficient, you should not have much trouble with water marks and stains. To preserve the quality of your wetroom, help the drainage by using a mop with a rubber bladed head to “sweep” the water towards the drain. If your wet room floor does need cleaning, follow these steps:

  • Take a bucket of warm water and a mop
  • Add common bathroom cleaner to the bucket
  • Moisten the mop in the warm water
  • Working in sections, gently scrub in small circles to lift the dirt away
  • Dunk the mop and wash away the dirt into the drain
  • Repeat until the floor is clean

NB: Remember not to put harsh chemicals down the drain

Cleaning Soap Stains

Sometimes the freedom you get from having a wetroom means that vigorous use of soap and shampoo can lead to soap residue ending up in all sorts of places. Fortunately, these marks are harmless and easy to remove. Soap, shampoo and shower gel are all water soluble, so getting the marks wet will make them as easy to clean as rinsing your hair.

  • Apply warm water to the stain with a sponge
  • Allow it to get wet and reactivate as lather
  • Simply wipe away the soap

Cleaning Water Marks off Glass

Some wetrooms feature a glass partition. If not cleaned regularly, this can become stained with water marks. Glass cleaner is ideal for cleaning water marks off glass, but it is important that you dry the glass after cleaning to avoid streaks. For the best results, pop to your local car garage…

  • Take a J-cloth and a chamois leather (shammy) cloth
  • Use the J-cloth to apply glass cleaner to the area
  • Wipe down with the shammy cloth

This also works for water marks on your porcelain sanitaryware too, such as sinks and toilets.

Cleaning your wetroom is never a chore, provided you do it regularly. To keep on top of it, encourage users to give the walls and glass partitions a quick wipe down after every use. A common squeegee is great for quick and effective wetroom upkeep.