In November 2013 we reported on the exciting expansion plans for the CCL Group of Companies. The move seemed overly ambitious, a pipe dream for many. However, with John Cast at the helm, dreams can become reality. The move is finally coming to fruition, a step that delights the CCL Group accountant Nicky Maggs. The CCL Group stalwart is an expert accountant with 20 years’ experience, including 8 years for the CCL Group. The proud mother of two revealed that it was the ‘strategic approach of the company and the relentless positivity from staff that has brought the company forward’.

Mrs Maggs went on to say: ‘Aside from a longer commute, I’m really excited as we are in definite need of more space. The company has always had great vision and this move is great for the present, whilst also paving the way for the future.’

‘It has always been a close-knit family company and it is great to see a family company maintaining its core values and its success’.

As the person tasked with keeping the companies budget in check and paying her colleagues, it is not always easy – ‘It can be a hard job, very stressful at times meeting deadlines, but there are high levels of satisfaction when things go right.’

Asked about the company founder John Cast, Mrs Maggs only has warm words for her long time boss:

‘He’s a really nice person to work for; he’s good fun, is a shrewd businessman and has always got his employees best interests at heart.’

The CCL Group will begin life at their new Lodge Farm office this month, saying a fond farewell to Highview Business Park. The company continues to grow in stature and big things are expected over the next few years.

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