Entry level wet room

For individuals who have restricted or limited mobility, an easy access wet room can be a helpful solution to their bathing needs. Accessible mobility wet room designs offer similar style and functionality as traditional bathrooms, but they go one step further towards ensuring 100% ease of use for the disabled

Read on to find out more about the benefits of wet rooms for the mobility conscious and how they can dramatically improve the showering experience.

Why Choose A Mobility Wet Room?

Mobility wet rooms are becoming an increasingly popular feature in people’s homes across the UK, owed to the contemporary, streamlined environment that they create. For those with limited mobility, such as a disabled person, mobility wet rooms provide a practical showering environment that can greatly improve their independence in the home.

Ease of Access

Thanks to their wide, open plan design and level flooring, wet rooms are more accessible than traditional bathrooms. Unlike a shower tray that needs to be stepped into, a level access wet room or walk in shower provides a safe, family-friendly showering space with no trip hazards.

As a mobility wet room isn’t constrained to the size of a standard shower tray, it allows for a much larger showering area than a traditional shower. Whilst a traditional bathroom may contain a built-in shower cubicle or bath, a contemporary wet room is fully waterproofed, which allows the room to act as an enclosure. The majority of easy access wet rooms also feature a glass screen which separates the shower area from the rest of the room.

Can be Installed Anywhere

Not only are mobility wet rooms a great way of utilising space, they’re also no longer restricted to the ground floor of a house. Nowadays, wet rooms can be installed anywhere within the home and the floor formers and drainage systems can be tailored to the type of floor they are constructed on.

Appropriate drainage systems for timber and concrete floors can be specified, including the type of floor or wall grills required to achieve the desired finish. With flush to the floor tiles, the grills ensure safe accessibility for all. For individuals with restricted mobility, a downstairs wet room may be the most suitable option.

Low Maintenance

Mobility wet rooms for the disabled are highly recommended thanks to their low maintenance requirements. They are easy to clean and require no more upkeep than a traditional shower room or bathroom.


A wet room that has been installed and waterproofed correctly will last for the lifetime of the wet room, or until the wet room tiles are replaced.

Unique design features

Wet rooms for the disabled can be designed to meet the individual requirements of each homeowner, and there are additional components that can be installed to aid their use.

Additional Mobility Wet Room Design Features

Another great advantage of mobility wet rooms for the mobility conscious is the addition of specially designed features that can help to optimise ease of use and safety while bathing. Due to the increased space provided by a wet room, these additional features will not restrict movement or take up too much space.

Common features installed in mobility wet rooms for the disabled include:

  • Grab bars
  • Half-height doors
  • Glass screens designed with easy to clean panels and protective coating
  • Pull down shower heads
  • Shower seats


Mobility Wet Rooms for Inclusive Design, Part M of the Building Regulations

The concept of Inclusive Design is included in the ‘UK Building Regulations – Part M: Access to and the use of buildings’ and is an increasingly significant one, with wet rooms perfectly designed to fulfil the core functions of this type of build. The use of inclusive design in homes ensures optimum flexibility and adaptability for large sections of the population. It encompasses many design features that ensure comfort and convenience in the home, and supports the changing needs of individuals and families at different stages of life.

In terms of bathrooms and wet rooms, this means ‘providing an accessible bathroom that has ease of access to its facilities from the outset for simple adaptation to provide different needs in the future’. Mobility wet rooms effectively meet this criteria as they are flexible and adaptable, and encourage a safer living environment for individuals of all needs and abilities.

Mobility Wet Room Grants & Funding

Regarding mobility wet rooms for the disabled, local councils are now offering assistance, including funding opportunities in the form of disabled facilities grants. Often people seek assistance to improve the accessibility of their home, including the installation of mobility wet rooms, which offer greater functionality too. At CCL Wetrooms, we specialise in offering an unrivalled range of innovative products designed to create stylish contemporary wet rooms. To find out more, please see our Services page or get in touch for more information.