Hygge bathroom idea with lots of plants and an earthy theme

Evoking a warming Scandinavian feel in your bathroom is simple and easy to do. You’ll turn a naturally cold and damp room into the ultimate cocoon of warmth through earthy colour palettes and light propagation. However, for your bathroom to fully adopt the Hygge style, you’ll also need to embrace an attitude that allows you to fully enjoy the space.

It’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to successfully unwind and relax in a Hygge-inspired bathroom. With minimal clutter, and a manageable degree of organisation, this bathroom style is low-fuss and easily maintainable, especially for those with limited time. Soothing elements, such as organic lighting, alongside plants that thrive in humidity, perfectly complement each other, creating an oasis within your bathroom.

What is a Hygge Bathroom?

Hygge is a Danish word describing Scandinavian design that uses clever decoration techniques to create an illusion of comfort and warmth. As a concept, it can be introduced into any cold or damp living space to inspire comfort and complete zen. That’s why it’s often a theme chosen for bathrooms.

For Scandinavians, Hygge is the answer to happiness; it’s about finding joy in the everyday, despite the challenges of life. In the colder months, Scandinavian homes are often held in winter’s icy, frozen grip, especially during January and February. Whilst their outset can seem idyllic, the reality of the cold can be quite harsh. That’s why their interior spaces are decorated to evoke an enveloping warmth and juxtapose the severe temperatures outside.

Hygge-inspired Ideas for Your Bathroom


1. Declutter and Organise Your Oasis

Hygge is all about sensual spaces that allow you to find your inner zen. It should evoke peace and calm, without distraction. To create a Hygge-inspired space, you’ll need to address any risks and hazards first. Bathrooms can be slippery, especially after use, so ensuring clutter is free from the floor and neatly put away is essential.

Your bathroom should be an area of absolute tranquillity. Sadly, chaos and clutter can easily break that mindset. Clean cupboard spaces, accessible drawers, and suitable storage solutions should enable you to move everything essential to your bathroom out of sight as you relax. Likewise, finding regular time to wipe down mirrors, surfaces and shower screens or bathtubs will keep the Hygge essence alive.

2. Select the Right Drainage System

For full bathroom or wetroom renovations that involve new flooring and shower features, the right drainage system is vital. When considering the criteria for a Hygge bathroom, risk and hazard maintenance are high on the list. Whether you’re designing a Hygge-inspired wetroom or bathroom, great precautions need to be taken for water drainage to avoid a slippery and damp room.

If you’re hoping to evoke a true Scandinavian feel through wood or stone effect, there are appropriate drainage options that are non-obtrusive to the design and that act as an effective solution. The right drain type will avoid any water pooling at the base of your shower, bath or wetroom.

3. Use Warm and Natural Materials

Sustainability and Scandinavian design go hand in hand. As well as evoking a natural warmth, your interior can also take advantage of sustainable options, such as bamboo bathmats, wooden shelving, and countertops that offer your bathroom longevity and functionality. A healthy and warm home should be built to last.

When choosing the materials for your bathroom, selecting wood, stone and ceramic delivers that true Hygge spirit. These, either as a combination or individually, are perfectly complemented by soft lighting choices and natural light, further evoking a sense of life and comfort within your bathroom.

4. Install Soft Lighting

If you’ve seen a Hygge-theme in homes before, you’ll notice candles and delicate light strips are often the go-to lighting solutions. Their softness easily stimulates the senses to provide a calming atmosphere, something that is compromised with harsh artificial lighting. Bright lights can stimulate anxieties and cause headaches, especially as it’s hard to relax with more artificial lighting in place. It can also be hard on the eyes too.

As a theme, Hygge is designed to absorb natural light during the daytime in order to evoke a feeling of homely activity. In the evening, softer options, such as candles or ambient lighting strips, are used to replace spotlights and incandescent lights to accentuate a calming mindset. You’ll feel the low lighting is essential for relaxation.

5. Plush Towels and Robes

There is nothing more therapeutic than being warm, dry, and surrounded by soft, cosy fabrics. Hygge is really about tapping into that inner happiness. In this circumstance, your towels and bath robes are the ideal objects that create an abundance of warmth, which is even more welcome after a relaxing bath or shower.

For Scandinavians, Hygge is a state of mind that allows you to fully embrace your leisure time without distractions. That means from the moment you enter your bathroom, conduct your self-care routines, and fully unwind, you should be able to completely immerse yourself in the time dedicated to you.

6. Create a Sensory Delight

It’s a well-known fact that scents can influence your mood and current state of mind. So, it’s no surprise that it plays a huge role when inspiring Hygge throughout your home. Filling your bathroom with your favourite scents can be a great place to start. You’ll want to ensure these aromas allow you to feel calm and relaxed.

For many, a good scent is the cherry on top for any bathroom or wetroom renovation. However, it can also beautifully play into the nature of the space, complementing wood and stone aesthetics, as well as greenery and plants that thrive off humidity. Targeting the senses in a positive and impactful way is the key to mastering Hygge.

7. Invest in Green Spaces and Plants

No tap back into nature is complete without some form of greenery or plant design. Trailing plants, such as ivy, and voluminous plants, including bird of paradise, offer low maintenance options for your bathroom or wetroom space. In addition, they help to absorb excess moisture and, if you choose correctly, some can even manage dust reduction too.

An area with plants or foliage is proven to quickly improve the mood and make individuals feel more at peace within the space. It also perfectly complements wood or stone colours, adding an element of nature back into the home.

8. Install a Waterfall Shower

As well as complementing the natural stone or wood surfaces you’ve selected for your bathroom or wetroom, waterfall showers also enhance Hygge-inspired themes. Waterfall showers are designed to fully encase you in water when you stand underneath them. Unlike traditional showerheads, you don’t need to adjust the angle or pressure each time you are washing.

Just like your Hygge bathroom design, waterfall showerheads encapsulate you in warm water from the moment you switch them on. There’s no harshness or stinging nature to the water pressure either. You’ll be able to relax under a steady stream of water that offers added luxury and calm for users.

Looking for the Right Drainage in a Hygge-inspired Bathroom?

Inviting Hygge into your home has immense benefits to your overall wellbeing, but you’ll need to ensure everything is in place before you can enjoy your new-found space. At CCL Wetrooms, we’re specialists in innovative drainage products that not only fulfil the requirements of your project but also perfectly match your aesthetic preferences. Contact us today.