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As the line between indoor and outdoor spaces becomes increasingly blurred, the popularity of outdoor wetrooms and bathrooms is on the rise. Whether you fancy a refreshing shower under blue skies, or a relaxing bath under the twinkling stars, there’s an endless range of outdoor wetroom and bathroom ideas to inspire any taste.

An outdoor wetroom or bathroom is not only a luxurious garden or rooftop feature but also highly practical, especially for those with a swimming pool or living near a beach. It enables everyone to wash and dry off without entering the building so that sand and dirt aren’t dragged through the house.

Several important factors such as privacy, plumbing, drainage, and location, must be addressed when installing an outdoor wetroom or bathroom, and the installation process can be as simple or complex as you like depending on your requirements and choice of design. An outdoor bathroom could mean many things from a basic washtub filled from a hosepipe or a sophisticated wetroom set-up that’s plumbed into a property’s hot and cold water supply and hooked up to the drainage system.

This blog will provide a variety of inspirational outdoor bathroom ideas that will transform your garden or backyard into a haven of pure peace and tranquillity.

1. Install an Outdoor Wetroom or Bathroom Next to a Property

The beauty of an outdoor bathroom or wetroom is that it can be installed next to a home or property. This allows for easy connection to indoor utilities so that hot water has less distance to travel, reducing installation costs. It also means your outdoor bathroom can be plumbed directly through the exterior wall if necessary.

Outdoor wetrooms with a bathtub or shower require effective drainage to take the wastewater away, so it’s important to select the correct system which can be hooked up to the property’s drains which will again make installation easier and cheaper.

2. Sink a Bath into Decking

A bathtub sunk into the decking makes a stunning centrepiece in any garden and adds a spa-like touch to an outdoor space. A bathtub can be seamlessly integrated into a deck, and you can hide any unsightly pipework underneath.

Some outdoor bathtubs have a built-in overflow system as part of the drainage and often come with a pull-out spray to make it easy to rinse and clean.

3. Enhance the Indoor-Outdoor Flow

An outdoor wetroom or bathroom allows you to feel closer to nature while you bathe, shower, and relax. A great way to achieve an open-plan look is to blend your bathroom into the great outdoors.

Consider opening your existing bathroom out into a courtyard with a separate shower while using matching paving, colour schemes, and clever planting to create a smooth flow from inside to out.

4. Create a Rustic Look

A rustic look perfectly complements any outdoor wetroom and bathroom by transforming it into a stand-out feature in any garden or open space. Using materials like weathered wood for the decking and shower unit alongside exposed brickwork will deliver a natural yet chic style while retaining full functionality. It’s also recommended to introduce anti-slip measures for your outdoor wetroom and bathroom to reduce the possibility of dangerous slips, trips, and falls occurring on any wet, slippery surfaces.

Finally, adding vintage copper taps and fixtures will enhance the old-world vibe, or you could swap them for chrome if you’re seeking a more contemporary appearance.

5. Go Wild with Plants

If you’re thinking of installing an outdoor wetroom or bathroom, it’s likely that plants will play a key role in your project design. This way, you can capture the refreshing feel of nature while taking a long bath or shower. Surrounding the bathing space with a wide selection of greenery will provide an intense feeling of relaxation while you switch off and unwind in luxury.

Building wooden planters or raised beds around an outdoor bath and filling them with large plants like bamboo will also provide added privacy around your bathing areas.

6. Build an Eye-catching Surround

The way you enclose your outdoor wetroom or bathroom can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance. A stone wall creates a perfect backdrop and beautifully contrasts the smooth lines of a bathtub or open shower. Introducing soft, green foliage will break up the textured stone, while wooden furniture will enhance the naturalistic aura you’ve created.

If natural stone isn’t your thing, a smooth wall offers a striking alternative and allows you to let your creative juices flow by painting it in vivid colours such as blue, orange, and yellow. Suddenly, you’re transported straight to the sunny Med as you relax in the tub.

7. Keep it Simple

Outdoor wetrooms and bathrooms don’t need to be elaborate creations. In fact, less is often more as simple and minimalist designs can be visually appealing on many levels. Not only do simple outdoor wetroom designs blend in easily with the natural surroundings, but they are also less likely to clash with any nearby buildings and other outdoor spaces.

Some of the other benefits of simple outdoor wetroom and bathroom designs are that they are more cost-effective, require less maintenance, and are easier to install than complex designs, yet still deliver the same level of functionality.

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