stone-infill grill

Stunning Stone-Infill Grill


CCL Wetrooms, has unveiled the latest development in the aesthetics of wetroom drainage – the new Stone-Infill Grill – a stunning way of creating a continuous stone floor, virtually unbroken by the line of a stainless steel drainage grill.

The Stone-Infill grill is suitable for use with natural stone and porcelain tiles, which are simply inserted into the empty Infill Grill, creating a beautiful finishing touch to any wetroom. Suitable for use with the popular Modular Wet-Floor System for timber floors and the Linear Screed Drain for solid floors, the Stone-Infill Grill adds a sleek and minimalistic feel to any wetroom.

Howard Ball, Sales & Marketing Director for CCL Wetrooms commented ‘We have introduced the new Stone-Infill Grill to complement the elegance of natural stone and porcelain tiles which are being installed in the majority of wetrooms today.

Unsurprisingly, over 75% of our projects within the Hotel Industry and Luxury Housing Market are now specifying the Stone-Infill Grill for their clients.

With the popularity of natural stone and porcelain set to continue, we expect the Stone-Infill Grill to become a standard requirement in the majority of future commercial and residential developments.’

Stone-Infill Grill – Sizes available

Floor Grill

For installation in either an offset or central position within the shower are.

Grill width 58mm

  •  600
  •  800
  •  1000
  •  1200

Wall Grill

For installation against the wall.

Grill width 86mm

  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
  • 1200

Square Floor Grill

For installation in a central position within the shower area.

Grill dimensions 130mm x 130mm

For full product specifications, CAD drawings and technical advice, call our technical helpline on 0844 327 6002.