Clever Ways to Hide Pipes in Your Bathroom or Wetroom

Waste and water pipes are an essential part of any bathroom or wetroom. But exposed plumbing and pipework can also be an eyesore and ruin the look of your bathroom space. 

If your pipework makes your bathroom feel cluttered and messy, as wetroom designers, we’ve compiled a list of practical ideas for hiding pipes in your bathroom. From concealing pipework behind a wall to incorporating it into your general bathroom design, there are numerous ways to hide pipes that will leave your bathroom looking neat and tidy. 

10 Simple Ideas for Hiding Pipes in a Bathroom or Wetroom

Let’s be clear, plumbing and pipework are essential for any fully-functioning bathroom or wetroom. Not only do they carry fresh water to your bathroom, but they also channel waste into your drainage system.  

There’s simply no avoiding bathroom or wetroom pipes, but boy can they look ugly and unsightly when they’re on show! However, it’s surprisingly easy to hide or disguise your bathroom or wetroom pipework so that you or your guests will never know they’re there. 

Below you’ll find 10 simple ideas for hiding pipes that provide a relatively cheap and easy solution for your property. 

1. Box in Your Pipework

One of the most popular ways to hide exposed pipes is to box them in using materials like plywood. This can be done with minimal carpentry experience and is a cheap and effective way of concealing your bathroom pipework. 

Simply use sealant around the edges of the wooden frame that’s covering the pipes then paint or decorate it any style you like. You could also tile directly onto the framework so that it seamlessly blends in with the rest of your bathroom scheme, or you could make an eye-catching feature by applying a contrasting colour. 

This method can be applied to all types of bathroom pipes. For instance, where pipes run along the floor, your box could be turned into a storage shelf. Similarly, a vertical waste pipe stack could be boxed in with a structure that supports a beautiful houseplant.  

2. Erect a False Wall

You may find that it just isn’t feasible to conceal all the exposed pipework in your bathroom or wetroom, and that a major structural revamp is beyond your budget and DIY skills. In that case, a false wall could be a great idea for hiding your unsightly pipes. 

The most cost-effective method is to erect a plasterboard ‘stud’ wall in front of the existing solid wall so your pipes are completely shielded from the rest of the room. If you don’t have the confidence to do the work yourself, hire a professional builder to construct the false wall. At the same time, employ a plumber to check the new wall won’t affect your toilet and basin and that everything functions properly. For extra reassurance, you could waterproof your bathroom or wetroom with a liquid waterproofing membrane while the work is being carried out.  

3. Cover Your Pipes

If exposed pipes make you angry, the best solution is often to meet the problem head-on. In the case of ugly pipework, that means covering them up completely so they’re out of sight. 

Pipe coverings are widely available from any DIY store or online and are relatively inexpensive to buy. They come in a variety of materials such as metal, resin, or wood, and in a myriad of colours and styles so that you’re almost guaranteed to find something that matches the rest of your bathroom or wetroom design. If you decide to explore this option, make sure you find out the precise length and diameter of the pipes so that they’re properly covered and can’t be seen. 

4. Add a Storage Cabinet or Vanity Unit

Kill two birds with one stone by concealing your exposed pipework while providing extra bathroom storage space. This is a great option for those on a budget who want to hide their pipes while adding extra room for towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials. 

Confident DIYers with the right knowledge and tools can easily do this work themselves, being careful to take accurate measurements beneath the sink and determining exactly how the pipes will be covered. You’ll also need to decide whether the sink will sit on top of the storage cabinet or be incorporated into the complete design. 

Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made storage cabinet or vanity unit directly from a supplier before hiring a professional tradesperson to secure it in place, though this is likely to be a more expensive option. 

5. Build Shelves Around Your Pipes

Adding a shelving unit is a simple way to conceal unsightly pipes, especially those that run vertically in your bathroom or wetroom. Again, most DIY enthusiasts can take on a project of this nature while saving time and money in the process. 

Consider building a set of shelves that run from the floor to the ceiling. Not only will this keep your pipes out of sight, but you can choose any type of wood you like and decorate it in a style that matches the rest of your bathroom space. For those feeling ultra creative and confident, you could even cut holes in the shelving that leave room for pipes to slot through without there being any gaps. Whether you use your shelves as storage or as a display unit for personal items and photos, it will keep prying eyes away from the pipework itself. 

6. Install a Pedestal Sink


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One of the easiest ways to conceal ugly pipework in your bathroom or wetroom is with a pedestal basin or semi-pedestal basin. These stylish pieces of bathroom furniture feature a basin that sits on top of a hollow pedestal that can accommodate all your pipework, without the need for extra work. 

Similarly, a wall-hung basin is another great option for hiding pipes. Not only are they ideal for small bathroom spaces, but all the pipework is hidden behind a wall or façade, giving the illusion that the basin is ‘floating’ in the air.  

7. Decorate Your Exposed Pipework

Sometimes it’s more convenient and cheaper to accept your bathroom or wetroom pipes are exposed for all to see. In this case, you could decorate your pipework to match the specific theme of your bathroom space. 

Making a feature of your pipework will help it stand out so it becomes a focal point in the room. For example, if your bathroom has a nautical theme, you could wrap rope around your pipes, paint them marine blue, or decorate them with seashells to enhance the beach vibe. 

Embracing exposed pipework has become a popular trend in itself, especially with industrial-style bathrooms and wetrooms where the plumbing is always visible. So rather than hide your pipework, another option is to view them as decorative features that can be left alone or painted in complementary colours that blend in with the rest of the design. 

8. Make Clever Use of Storage and Laundry Baskets

Perhaps the most inexpensive method for hiding your bathroom pipes is with smart use of storage baskets or laundry baskets conveniently positioned in the right place. While this option depends on how much pipework is exposed, it offers a quick and simple solution with minimal fuss. 

All you’ll need to do is arrange your storage baskets or laundry baskets around your plumbing, while ensuring you aren’t blocking access to a doorway or anything else you often need access to. Not only will this keep your pipes hidden, but it will give you additional space for storage, used towels, or dirty clothing. 

9. Introduce Friendly Plants

Every room in a home looks more attractive when it’s adorned with plants and flowers. Your bathroom or wetroom is no different, and you can conceal your exposed pipework behind a selection of strategically positioned gorgeous greenery and vibrant colours to provide a strong natural element. 

Introducing plants and flowers to your bathroom and wetroom distract your eye from any pipes on display while also adding bags of character. Just make sure you measure how much available space there is so that plants fit perfectly, and always look for species that thrive in warm and humid conditions such as fern, peace lily, orchid, and rubber plant.  

10. Buy a Sink Skirt

Stylish, attractive, and extremely cheap – you can ensure your pipework remains out of sight by introducing a sink skirt that matches the rest of your bathroom or wetroom design. This is an extremely cost-effective and time-saving solution that’s perfect for those on a tight budget. 

You can buy sink skirts online for just a few pounds. If you’re feeling creative, you could make one yourself from your favourite material and adding Velcro, waterproof tape, and a secure fastening. As well as hiding your plumbing, a sink skirt will also provide extra storage for any other bathroom and wetroom items that you don’t want on display. 

Looking for More Ideas for Hiding Pipes in a Bathroom?

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