When the decor of a house starts to lag and feel outdated, often homeowners will look to renovate their home. This could involve a slick new lounge, a spacious dining area, or a more stylish bathing area in the form of a wetroom. 

Wetrooms not only bring up the value of a property on the market, they also add style and appeal to the overall impression of a home.  

The nature of a wetroom is a typically open plan space. But, wetroom designs seem to feature shower areas more often than a bathtub. Here’s why having a wetroom with a bath (and a shower) is both creative and functional for your home.  

Is it possible to install a bath in a wetroom?  

Wetrooms can be designed to feature a bath, a shower, or any combination of the two. In short, wetrooms can accommodate a bathtub as much as they can a shower, creating a multipurpose space.  

For those eager for both systems, a wetroom with enough space can manage both a shower and a bath and will bring even more functionality into your home. 

Many wetrooms with contemporary layouts feature shower systems that effortlessly integrate into the open plan. In fact, a wetroom could be defined as a highly organised management of that space, no matter how small the room appears.  

A wetroom is not exactly an “alternative” to traditional bathrooms featuring a bathtub. Rather, it’s a stylistic and functional preference for those who prefer a different layout of their bathroom space.  

A bathtub, a shower, or a combination of both can quite easily (and stylishly) be installed in a wetroom. The details of its design – whether you choose a bath, a shower, or both – is more a reflection of the property and the owner.  

Is there a difference between a wetroom and a shower room?  

Unlike a shower room, a wet room is open plan and heavily features safety-first waterproofing. Typically, tiled spaces around a traditional bathroom are preventive for overflows or excess water spills. A wet room, which can accommodate either a bath or a shower, is entirely sealed and therefore, waterproof.  

Wetrooms With Baths – Ideas  

Wetrooms can take inspiration from just about anywhere. 


1) Make it multipurpose 

When a wet room features both a shower and bathtub, youre immediately presented with more options and the space becomes even more functional. This attraction for multipurpose wetrooms is a growing trend among households, precisely because it makes their home feel even more functional (without risking style).  

2) Learn from Japan 

In cultures beyond our own, the allure of a wetroom with a shower and a bathtub is almost irresistible. On the surface, Japanese onsens and other rooms alike seem to instill tranquility, peace and calmness. Yet, there’s also a guiding cultural rule that makes bathing time seem more spiritual and sacred. Taking inspiration from Japan, you could design a wetroom that seamlessly merges both systems – a shower and a bathtub – into one harmonious space for relaxation. 

3) Style It Your Way  

Not only is functionality a major perk, but a house with a contemporary wetroom can accommodate a range of bathtub styles and looks. Unlike showers, bathtubs are usually both a matter of taste and preference. A bathtub is typically treated as a more personal retreat. You can style a bathtub so it’s a slick and modern accessory in your wetroom, or you can opt to make it a statement piece. Style will afford you freedoms to get playful with shape, size, character or any number of combinations.  

4) More freedoms, greater comfort. 

Where Japanese culture embraced wetrooms (with a shower and a bathtub) for its tradition and a sense of spirituality, your home could benefit from an equally attractive sense of calm and comfort. In essence, a wetroom with both systems, creatively designed to your style and preferences, means that you won’t have to choose between showering or bathing. Both achieve different affects on us – bathing in a tub is more patient and soothing, whereas showering is quick and efficient. With a clever combination of the two, you’re open to customize the level of comfort and relaxation.  

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