Stone bathroom with tiles

Whether designing a new bathroom or wetroom, or renovating an existing one, learning about 2023’s tiling trends will provide valuable insight into which products are fashionable and which ones aren’t.

Redesigning a bathroom or wetroom can add value to any property. Once you have picked your toilet, basin, bath or shower space, the biggest challenge will be finding the right wall and floor tiles that are practical, attractive and blend in with their surroundings.

Bathroom tiles are incredibly versatile and can be used in rooms and spaces of any size and across floors, walls, wetrooms and splashbacks. The first things people notice when entering a new bathroom or wetroom are the colour, tone, pattern and texture of the wall and floor tiles.

A vast array of tiling options are available, and choosing the right material and design can be the trickiest part. With the natural look currently in vogue, we highlight the most popular bathroom and wetroom tiles trending in 2023.

1. Granite tiles

Granite style tiling in wetroom
Granite tiles are increasingly popular in modern bathrooms and wetrooms because they are practical and add a touch of luxury. They are harder than most natural stones and are available in a variety of colours and textures. Granite works particularly well on bathroom and wetroom floors, as well as on countertops, due to its hard-wearing nature. Pairing granite floor tiles and their matt surfaces with high-gloss marble wall tiles provides a striking contrast in any bathroom or wetroom. Granite should always be cleaned with a mild, pH-neutral detergent.

2. Marble or stone-effect tiles

Wetroom with marble and stone tiles
The classic marble tile can be patterned or veined and will almost certainly be highly polished. Marble tiles add appealing colour and texture to any bathroom or wetroom floor or wall. Marble surfaces are easy to clean with non-acidic cleaners but will need to be occasionally resealed to prevent staining and damage. As we have touched on, smooth, polished marble compliments matt granite extremely well in the bathroom or wetroom. If you can’t afford the genuine thing, faux marble is also available in stone-effect patterns and materials including porcelain and ceramic. They complement monochrome tiles or wallpaper particularly well.

3. Bohemian tiles

bohemian tiling in bathroom
These look particularly impressive on a large feature wall in a bathroom. Kaleidoscope-style patterns provide a vintage appearance that would look great next to a roll-top bath and other classic bathroom furniture and fixtures. Bohemian bathrooms are often eclectic and contain a range of different colours, textures and patterns as well as plants and artwork. Blending your bohemian tiles with neutral furniture will achieve the desired 2023 look.

4. Kit kat tiles

white and grey kit kat tiling

Kit kat tiles became hugely popular in 2022 and show no evidence of going out of fashion in 2023. These stick-like mosaic tiles are available in a variety of subtle colours and natural hues. They become an attractive feature of any bathroom or wetroom without being overpowering. While providing depth and texture, kit kat tiles don’t clash with other patterns due to their simplistic design.

5. Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles in bathroom

Like Kit kat tiles, elegant terrazzo tiles – or slabs – provide an alternative to a classic, stone bathroom floor and can also be used to tile bathroom and wetroom walls. Terrazzo tiles are small pieces of coloured rock chips bound with cement. This offers a multitude of colour and texture options depending on the ratio of the stones used. Terrazzo tiles are a popular choice for bathroom flooring due to their highly durable nature. They are easy to care for and are suitable for underfloor heating. Cleverly using large terrazzo tiles to tile a small bathroom or walk-in shower will also give the illusion of more space.

6. Ceramic or porcelain tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles in a bathroom
Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made by mixing clays which are fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. When glazed they are perfectly suited to bathrooms and wetrooms and are easy to keep clean by mopping or wiping with a mild detergent and water. Ceramic or porcelain tiles come in a huge variety of shapes, colours and sizes and you can even create your own pattern design using your favourite digital image superimposed onto the surface. It is because of their extreme versatility and practicality that they never go out of fashion.

7. Limestone tiles

Limestone tiles near basin
If 2023 is all about creating a natural look in the bathroom and wetroom, limestone tiles could be a great addition. This natural stone typically has a honed surface and is mostly available in subtle brown, beige and yellow colours. Limestone is an excellent product for bathroom floors and countertops, but the surface requires resealing every couple of years to keep your tiles waterproof.

8. Terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles in bathroom
Terracotta tiles are fired at low temperatures and, due to their low density and non-vitreous qualities, are suitable only for dry areas. However, when glazed they can be used on floors and walls providing a natural colour and texture in line with 2023 bathroom and wetroom tiling trends. Terra-cotta tiles are available in several shapes including square and hexagon and are easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Key considerations when purchasing bathroom and wetroom tiles

Not all are suitable for wet areas where water is likely to be prevalent. Tiles that absorb moisture like terra-cotta are nonvitreous and are appropriate only for accent areas in a bathroom or wetroom. In contrast, vitreous tiles, like ceramic tiles, do not absorb water and are suitable for wet areas like shower walls.

The general rule to follow is that glazed tiles are impervious to water whereas unglazed tiles are not. If you are unsure which tiles will be most suitable for your bathroom or wetroom requirements, you can use this handy guide to help your decision-making.

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