Installing a wet room in your home will provide a number of benefits. Take advantage of having more design options, having a space that’s easier to clean, and an aspirational bathroom that you’ll never want to leave! Wet rooms benefit everyone, young and old alike. Read on to find out about eight of the biggest advantages of wet rooms.

Beautifully customised CCL wetroom

8 Key Benefits of Having a Wetroom

1. Wetrooms give you more design options

Wetrooms give you the advantage of really flexing your creative muscles. With fewer obstructions such as shower trays and fixed cubicles, plus a more open-plan, sophisticated feel, you can take your bathroom design into a new direction.

Get creative with your use of lighting and materials. Will you go for a soft, spa design with lots of wood and low ambient light? Or will you choose a sleek, modern design that uses steel and glass? The choice is yours.

2. Wetrooms provide high aesthetic value

It’s undeniable that wet rooms add a wow factor to any property. Wall to ceiling tiling, minimalist fixtures, and an open plan design, all ooze simplicity and contemporary elegance. This can boost the luxury feel of a hotel room or could be the deciding factor in guests choosing your Airbnb property over another. Never underestimate the power of a stunning wetroom!

3. Increase the value of your property with a wetroom

It’s known that luxury homes go up in value if they have a wet room. Their sleek design and suitability for both young families and those with mobility problems will often make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Plus, since they’re easy to clean, you’ll benefit in having some extra time on your hands.

4.     Wetrooms offer great space-saving

Wetrooms are a great space-saving solution for small properties. You get all the benefits of a functional, practical shower space without the need for bulky fittings and fixtures. You can even make the most of unusual architectural features, such as a sloping ceiling in a Victorian property, by installing an open plan wetroom with a glass screen, something that would not be possible to achieve with a standard shower enclosure. They also give you the option of getting more out of a small second bathroom or en-suite.

5. Wetrooms are easy to clean

Another advantage of having fewer fixtures and fittings and all that space, is that your bathroom becomes incredibly easy to clean.  Shower enclosures are notorious for gathering dirt and grime in their runners and creases, making them tricky to keep clean. Wetrooms simply don’t have this problem.

If your wetroom design includes a wall-mounted toilet and floating basin, you have a bathroom floor completely free from obstacles and clutter. This makes sweeping and mopping a breeze. Find out more about keeping wetrooms clean.

6. Wetrooms provide greater accessibility

Although not always designed with this in mind, a level entry wetroom is ideal for those whose movement is limited, such as the elderly or disabled. There is no need for stepping up into a shower tray, making access to the shower much easier. When fitted with non-slip tiles, wetrooms are a safe option for all ages. Learn more about easy access wet rooms.

7. Wetrooms last longer

Due to the waterproofing systems fitted under the tiles of wetrooms, a correctly installed wetroom is extremely resistant to moisture damage and leaks. This means less maintenance and a bathroom that looks newer for longer. High quality wetroom products will come with a lifetime guarantee.

8. Wetrooms are easily customisable

Wetrooms represent a modern way of doing things. Consumers now have choices and can get what they want at prices they can afford. Wetrooms can be built in any number of configurations and made to fit in any size en suite, from those in hotel rooms to those in mansions. Plus, when it comes to wetroom materials, there are attractive options available in a wide variety of price ranges.

With the help of an expert fitter and industry-leading materials, installing a wet room is simple. CCL Wetrooms provide a range of superior wet room products, including drainage and waterproofing membranes, designed to make installation easier.  Contact us today for technical advice on designing and installing a watertight wetroom in your property.