2-3 Day Manufacturing Service Offers Fast Track Drainage for House-Builders

Shower flow rates may not be top of mind when planning a wetroom, but it’s vital to consider them at the start of the project. It’s particularly important if you’re looking to install a contemporary rainfall or monsoon shower head, that will pump out large volumes of water in a short space of time. The increased volume of water will not only have implications for your water bills, but you’ll also need to consider the impact of the high shower rates on your drainage and whether it will be robust enough to cope with it.

The aesthetics of the wetroom drainage grill is another important factor to consider at the start of the wetroom design stage, as the grill will be the only visible element of the drainage system within the completed wetroom. A stunning wetroom can be ruined by a badly tiled drainage grill or one that simply looks incongruous amongst the luxury fixtures & fittings of the sanitary ware.  Ensuring that the drainage you install can not only cope with high flow rates but looks aesthetically pleasing too, will help deliver the form and functionality your wetroom requires for years to come.

Wall to wall drainage grills are an ideal solution for coping with high volumes of water. Wall to wall grills run the full length of the shower wall, and their increased popularity is in part thanks to the option of having up to three drainage traps that expel larger volumes of water. They also deliver a stunning wall to wall grill finish that complements the wetroom tiling.  In the past, the process for manufacturing a bespoke length wall to wall grill would take at least three weeks from start to finish and could be particularly frustrating for house builders. The time delay would often result in a a standard size grill being specified, simply to hit installation deadlines on-site.

Our highly flexible Fast Track Wall to Wall Grill Service now allows house builders to order a bespoke wetroom grill up to 2000mm in length, using our 2-3 day manufacturing service. The quick turnaround enables wall to wall grills to be ordered once the wetroom tiling has been completed, and delivered to site within 3-4 days.

Howard Ball, Director at CCL Wetrooms commented:-  “One of the biggest frustrations for house builders when it comes to installing wetrooms, is having to compromise on the design of the wetroom in order to meet installation deadlines. House builders are often forced to order a standard length wetroom grill rather than wait three weeks for a bespoke one to be manufactured.

Our Fast Track Service cuts the manufacturing time dramatically to 2-3 days (from 2-3 weeks) giving house builders the flexibility of ordering stunning, wall to wall grills in up to 2000mm lengths and having them delivered to site within 3-4 days of placing the order. ”

Eliminate unsightly tile cuts in your wetroom with a stunning wall to wall linear grill using our Fast Track Bespoke service.  The service applies to all stainless steel grills in a Solid, Frameless or Stone-Infill finish.